Aeonian Endpoint Is A Comprehensive SaaS Security Tool For Your Business

Introducing a Simple, Integrated, SaaS Security Tool Focused on the Social Good

At a time when ransomware attacks occur every 40 seconds, and annual damages are forecasted to hit $11.5 billion, cybercrime poses a greater threat to businesses than ever before. Addressing this issue, San Diego-based ICE Cybersecurity developed Aeonian — a new type of endpoint security protecting people and devices all on one platform.

“We built the tool we all wanted, but didn’t have,” says Ford Winslow, co-founder and CEO of ICE Cybersecurity. “This is what we wish was installed when our response team arrives at a business that’s having a bad day. Aeonian gives us a fighting chance.”

Officially unveiled at 2-1-1’s Community Information Exchange Summit on April 17th, Aeonian offers an innovative, risk-based approach to endpoint monitoring and reporting that gives users a centralized dashboard comprising all security efforts. Aeonian is designed to be useful and contribute to the larger solution. 

“Aeonian isn’t about selling endpoints,” says Winslow. “It’s about helping people. We know better than anyone that cyber attacks can be painful and expensive. Aeonian makes it less painful and less expensive for everyone involved.” 

Aeonian software was developed with outcome in mind — a distinguishing feature from other security offerings, allowing ICE to provide your business protection and continuity.

“In most businesses, security tools are fragmented and don’t cover everything completely,” says Winslow. “Attacks come in through the gaps, but not with Aeonian as the center of your system. It encompasses everything, so you get complete coverage.”
“Everybody is scared of cyber right now,” says Winslow. “What we’re doing is building that platform of hope so we can make a difference by offering protection from the bad guys attacking you, your family, and your company.”

A complex and perilous cybersecurity landscape calls for comprehensive cybersecurity that manages loss and prepares for data recovery. Start protecting your people, your devices, and your data all in one platform. Aeonian can transform your fragmented landscape of tools into a single cybersecurity strategy that’s aligned, practical, and effective.


About ICE Cybersecurity

ICE Cybersecurity is changing the face of technology by bringing safety and risk reduction to the business as a whole. We believe that businesses are better when cybersecurity measures are aligned, practical and effective. Our unique platform and approach yield spectacular results for companies of all sizes.



Ford Winslow Presents at ITAC 2016 - How did Cyber go so Wrong?

Thursday, 12/8/2016, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Session Title: B9: How Did Cybersecurity Go So Horribly Wrong and How Do We Get it Back on Track?
At the IT Auditors Conference in New Orleans, LA, Ford Winslow closed the track with a session on the history of cyber and what we can expect in the coming years.  

The presentation closed with several recommendations for the industry to get back on track:

#1 - Use a Risk-Based Approach

A common-sense approach to implementing security makes security practical and attainable. Overkill leads to complexity and risk, under-funding leads to gaps and risk as well. Justifying your security program based on risk is the only way to sped the right amount at the right time on the right thing. 

#2 - Better Auditing

Not only do auditors need to be better educated on the latest trends, technologists need to be better educated on audit and the needs of auditors. Both sides need to come together to come up with pragmatic audit approaches that yield trust. 

#3 - Make Cyber Cool

Consumer technology gets adopted because it's "cool". If cybersecurity is something you have to do because your parents, your doctor or your teacher says you have to, you will resist. Once being secure is cool, we won't have to try to be secure anymore. It'll just happen. 

#4 - Speed

The #1 resistance to security is speed. Security is "slow". Security is "expensive". These are all things I hear constantly. In fact, the opposite is true. Not taking a secure approach is slow. By not having a framework or requirements, teams don't know what to do. Practical security requirements teams can use from the first day help teams go faster. Brakes on cars help you go faster....