By injecting security into products and services using our Integrated Cybersecurity Engine software platform, we help the products and services you use become and remain secure. Our simple security-by-design allows you to tackle your business objectives unimpeded by IT Risk. It all starts with an assessment.



  • Single, or Multi-point assessment
  • Risk Mitigation 2/10
  • Monthly (one-time available)
  • Starts at $
  • No dependencies
  • Deliverables:
    • IP Security
    • Summarized Results Report
  • One-time and monthly testing plans available

Penetration testing helps determine if security controls are effective. As part of an overall security program, Black-Box external testing provides a quick view of security posture.



  • Multi-point assessment
  • Risk Mitigation 5/10
  • Continuous (one-time available)
  • Starts at $$
  • No dependencies
  • Deliverables:
    • Security
    • Summarized Results Report
    • In-depth Recommendations
  •  Single and multi-site allow for custom security testing

A comprehensive and actionable picture of your IT ecosystem. Internal testing offers White-Box analysis of infrastructure, applications for a custom, end-to-end security battle plan.



  • Multi-point assessment + Monitoring
  • Risk Mitigation 9/10
  • Continuous only
  • Starts at $$$$
  • Requires Internal Assessment
  • Deliverables:
    • Continuous Monitoring
    • Daily Updates
    • Custom Solutions
    • Training
  •  Full range of software, hardware and CIO/CSO consulting services

In today’s job market, hiring top-level security skills is very challenging. Continuous Security Operations provides turnkey, tailored and timely cyber support.

Can your Technology do More for You?


Built by IT Executives to deliver better business through Cybersecurity, ICE Cybersecurity offers a suite of services to help clients achieve Secure, Efficient, Trustworthy IT.


Developed over a decade in the crucible of mission-critical IT, our AUDIT-ReadyTM process delivers a consistent, high-quality outcome for your business while our Integrated Cybersecurity Engine (ICE) platform delivers innovation and efficiency. Whether the focus for your business is IT effectiveness or Risk optimization, our services can help you rapidly and confidently achieve your business outcomes. 


CISO Services

Our experienced team of cybersecurity professionals use the ICE platform and follow the AUDIT-Ready process to tune your risk level to its optimal level. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to security, our tools and process allow our CISOs to custom-fit a risk strategy to your exact needs. 

Our team works with you to address your risks in 4 ways:

This holistic approach helps you achieve your goals unimpeded by IT risk. 

CIO Services

By providing a standard approach to IT portfolio management, our team of experienced CIOs gives you the professional IT interface you’ve been looking for. Examples of deliverables you will receive to help you manage your business include:

  •  Complete IT Service Portfolio aligned to your business
  • Data Mapping and Ownership
  • Visibility into IT-Related projects and initiatives both ongoing and planned
  • Complete IT Budget
  • Quarterly IT Steering / Governance Meeting
  • IT Roadmap Aligned to Business Outcomes
  • IT Project & IT Operations Oversight
  • Technology Guidance
  • Core IT Process Design

Our CIOs focus on achieving IT effectiveness quickly and professionally. We will help you achieve your IT goals and realize the promise in your IT spend. 


What's The Difference?

Most organizations, particularly in the mid-market, combine executive IT roles or evolve them within through dedicated, trusted employees. This has been a valid approach for most organizations and leads to some predictable pain points. These “pain points” can turn into major issues in the face of new threats, regulations and architectures. Today, it is increasingly important for organizations to separate those roles.

As a guide for organizations to use when considering the C-Level Technology roles, the following table has been compiled from a combination of research and practical experience. These distinctions are how ICE Cybersecurity has structured our services and can be a guide for how to augment the IT role(s) you have today. 

We hope you find this information useful. This guidepost has helped us optimize our services and deliver value to our clients in surprising ways.