Roy Bettle

VP Sales & Strategy

Roy Bettle is an unabashed serial entrepreneur and has been his entire life. His first recorded business deal occurred at age 7 when he sold his younger sister some used Christmas cards as a means of raising capital to fund a Swiss Army knife. His parents were not amused.

Since then, he has learned to focus his desire to create value in more productive ways.

To date, Roy has more than 30 years of experience with Information Technology, with some 20 years of experience in IT engineering, through senior level LAN/WAN infrastructure design, deployment, and support.

He also brings more than 10 years of IT executive management experience with Fortune 500 organizations. Though he has spent the majority of his career self-employed, Roy has started and managed three IT companies over that span.

His passion is to create value through developing technologies that help people solve their own problems.

Roy has earned numerous university-level credits in a business administration track along with numerous IT certifications (CCNP, CCDP, CNE, MCSE), with a proud degree in the “University of Life.” He has learned that the best lessons are those that have helped him get along with people, take calculated risks, and think on his feet.

Roy is happily married with four children and wants them to inherit a better world than he did.


“Maybe it’s because I was powerfully influenced by a Great Depression-era Grandpa. Maybe it is my CPA Dad. Whatever the reason, I have always worked to build lasting value for my clients and I have been successful in doing so."