Confident Security, Confident Business

We analyze and manage your cybersecurity risk and compliance so you can focus on executing your business mission.

With the right security at the right time for the right spend, you too can live in confidence. Confidence to approach any customer, auditor, stakeholder or security incident with the knowledge that your business is prepared. Be confident and let your business thrive.

Cybersecurity Force Multiplier

ICE - The Integrated Cybersecurity Engine - is your cybersecurity force multiplier. Leveraging our proprietary mix of integration, automation, and analytics, we let your team spend more time reducing risk. Level up your team immediately with ICE.

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Comprehensive Security Layer



Our team of experts can rapidly, assess, remediate, and manage your cybersecurity program. Our team brings decades of experience in cybersecurity, audit, development, business and IT, combined with a passion for innovation to help secure your business.



Efficient, practical, effective security process is in our DNA – and the ICE Platform. We help you implement a security program that fits your company’s size, complexity, and compliance environment.



Designed with flexibility in mind, we put together the right tools at the right time for the right investment. Our product - agnostic approach and management platform increase speed to implementation, reduce cost and eliminate vendor lock-in.

Risk Management

Identify, classify, and manage the risks. ICE works in tandem with your team to determine risk areas, tolerance and budget and build a road map that reduce the potential impact that keeps you up at night. That can be with training your employees, connect you with insurance brokers, build a contingency plan, or help avoid the risk.


ICE ARMs your company with a complete security program to protect your business. Our process is simple:



Start by understanding your drivers for security and assess your organization against relevant standards, best practices, and regulations. We don’t just point out your flaws, we provide solutions on a roadmap that fits your business.



You cannot fix every gap all at once, nor should you fix all gaps. The secret is knowing the right risk to remediate at the right time. Our platform and team help optimize your time and budget to maximize your security ROI.



Visibility, accountability, and control. Our platform keeps your security program tuned up and continuously looks for risks that could harm your business. Keep eyes on your security program, demonstrate compliance and manage your risk.

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We recommend starting with an attack surface assessment. This helps find vulnerabilities and allows you to see where we can make your company more secure and confident.

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