Our History, Vision, and Mission

ICE is passionate about helping SMBs thrive. To be the source of knowledge and provide clients with confidence in their cybersecurity.

Our History

ICE was started by a team of security, IT, and audit professionals committed to making security practical and accessible by companies of any size in any industry.

Founded on the idea that businesses can thrive in today’s technology-dependent world only if they are confident in their cybersecurity, the ICE team has been helping clients grow, reduce risk, and prevent breach since 2016.

Using our Integrated Cybersecurity Engine, we are changing the face of cybersecurity by making it simple, efficient, and cost-effective to protect your business.

Our Vision

Cybersecurity is an important thread in the fabric of our society’s advancement and future. ICE is making cybersecurity simple and efficient, so organizations can focus on their objectives to deliver their goods and services without fear.

Our Mission

By simplifying complex workflows, leveraging automation, and using state of the art tools and best practices, ICE security management automation platform delivers the peace of mind to organizations to be compliant and secured.

Our Team

Ford Winslow


Eric Nichter


Phuoc Nguyen

Corporate Development

Bill Dale


Charles Renert

Security Management Services

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We recommend starting with an attack surface assessment. This helps find vulnerabilities and allows you to see where we can make your company more secure and confident.

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